Korekiyo Takahashi (Jul. 27, 1854 – Feb. 26, 1936) served Japan as minister of finance for 7 terms, the 20th prime minister, the 1st minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, the 1st minister of commerce and industry, and the 7th governor of the Bank of Japan. He also established the Japan Patent Office, acting as the 1st director general of both the Trade Mark Office and the Patent Office. He is renowned for the financial policies he implemented during his 5th term as minister of finance in 1932, when Japan was in the depths of the Great Depression. Japan’s current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Abenomics strategy is based on Takahashi’s plans, which dramatically reversed deflation and had fully restored Japan’s economy by 1935, five years ahead of the US. As part of the effort to keep his legacy alive, we named this company after his nickname, Daruma Saishou.
Takahashi presented this portrait to his youngest daughter, Eiko, on his last birthday. Portrait stored at Kohunkan (Ikaho, Gunma Pref.)